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6 Sep 2019

Sample Business Proposal

Seeking funds? sample business proposal here :

30 Oct 2020


How To  Secure The Nigeria  Federal Government CBN AGSMEIS LOAN

The CBN AGSMEIS LOAN is disbursed by the CBN through NIRSAL. People have been applying but applying doesn't mean you would be able to get the loan. I have put this guide up to help in your loan application  
• As a startup you would be able to get the loan,as an existing business owner also you would be able to especially if you have a unique business. While reading this article I would want you to think of the problem your business solves ? Does it really solve a problem? Can people not do without your product or Service? Or is it an innovating business idea? How innovative is it? Whatever you are doing there's possibility that someone somewhere is also doing the same thing,what is your strength or what makes your business unique? 
• For existing business owners think about your monthly or annual turnover, You must understand that since you have submitted your BVN they will surely look up your turnover,If find interesting you would be able to get the loan.
However an existing business with a captivating turnover is more interesting, meanwhile this doesn't mean a startup wouldn't be able to get the loan. A startup would if the  proposed business is viable.
If interested register  through this link : Also pick a training institute to proceed with the next stage of your registration process